Wednesday, February 14, 2018

pimps amongst posies

innocent and pristine,
they made their appearance, peacefully;
the first to show up was a bunch of naive lilies.

poignantly they paced in, on time
with sympathy, and respectably.
chrysanthemums arrived, next in line.

clustered, together, in a circle
in shades of white, pink and purple,
carnations lay as an elegant constellation.

wreathed with compassion
and intricately arranged in a pattern;
not far behind were the bonny orchids.

amongst the last to arrive were what remained;
an assortment of jasmine, asters and hyacinths.
they paid their respect to the departed

though seldom noticed; the pimps amongst
other posies, ditched the necropolis.
today, the roses chose to play the lovesick's accomplice.

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