Tuesday, May 09, 2017

whispers of a zephyr

Opening the door quietly I snuck in. Slid behind the curtains and flicked through the room from corner to corner, dribbling the dust balls. The room was still and well lit. The cutlery made most of the sounds in no particular rhyme or rhythm. With him on one side of the table and her on the other, it seemed supper is all that had brought them there. Once done, they would be off to do whatever they were up to just before this. Perhaps, stare back at those glowing plaques and thumb down into oblivion. Or, go to bed with their backs facing each other’s while they gazed and scrolled further till their eyes slumped to slumber. Slowly, I made my way out through the window’s crevice; rustling up the foliage on the portico. Whistled at one of my two accomplices up there, who flashed a blinding light and signaled at the other. Within a few seconds the third accomplice cracked his whip in one slick motion and struck the nearby transformer. Pitch dark in a split second. The stars in the skies slowly faded in. The clouds gave way for the moon to slide in through the skylight. I made my way back in to find them in the same place with a candle lit and placed on the table in between. Their heads still hung low. Swiftly I tipped her toes and tickled her under sole. Circling my way up to gently lift her chin up and bounced off her forehead. A few strands of her hair veiled her face that instant. Maneuvering carefully around the flame I puffed his face, at once. They now, faced each other.  He stretched his hand to unveil her face, tucking the hair behind her ears. The incidental brush of his fingertips against the earlobe, simmered them, mutually. They stood up in tandem and walked towards the moonbeam that held the roof above and the mattress beneath. On my way out, I snuffed out the flame and pulled the door behind. A storm brewed; Where? I’ll leave that to your discretion to figure out. 

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