Monday, May 29, 2017

We, the Fish

1. Stop whatever you’re doing 
and read this. Right now.
First, they get you curious.
And eventually, grab your attention.

2. This will change the way you look at or 
do that usual thing forever.
Transformation; not really guaranteed.
Perception change? Maybe.

3. Shocking truths about the bygone era.
Or of the who’s who, who are no more.  
Of course, they know your fingers itch
to scroll and feed those eyes without a fact check.

4. This is the key to land your dream job.
Or 12 skills to learn in a week to move further up.
Now, after reading this will you scale the ladder? Unsure.
But while at it, you missed yesterday’s deadline for sure.

5. Take this Quiz to know which Literary/Historical/ Sitcom character
or as per your Zodiac sign which Extraterrestrial/Jurassic species you are.
Based on certain permutations and combination;
Squeeze yourself into moulds by answering a few idiot-proofed questions.

6. 24 hacks to excel in whatever you do. 
You won’t believe what’s on No. 22.
Pointers prefixed with bullets or numbers.
They ration the one-pot meal into a seven course.

7. 7 worst things that could happen to those reading clickbait headlines. 
Congratulations! You’ve almost read seven. 
And to know that you’re still reading is reassuring.
We, the Fish, will continue to bite the bait, time and again.


Amiya chatterjee said...

How wonderful thought my long lost friend.
Yes I did grab the bait and was gleefully hooked.
Pleasure reading your " Scribble"
I know You are wondering how I hit upon your
private cave. We both have a common
Friend . She was the one who whispered your blog address.

Amiya chatterjee said...

My blog Id ( I force myself upon you) is