Tuesday, February 21, 2017

||Some times you go invisible. Camouflaged. 
Blended in so well, you go unnoticed. 
Perhaps, that's when you've become the obvious. 
As they say, just another face; 
For those who have their sights high 
and raging ahead in the race. 
You're just a fleeting glance 
who never gets looked at a second time. 
A shadow leaving behind shallow footprints. 
Discoloured, lacklustre fragment 
that's there as  an object of obligation. 
Until, there comes someone who gives 
you that undivided attention that's rightly due. 
And then, the shade you had clad makes sense. 
The dots connect in hind sight. 
You were grey all the while 
to be found by someone colour-blind.||

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