Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Isn’t it weird that there was a time
when you would fearlessly go sock skating;
Undeterred by the possibility of smashing
your face and breaking your teeth
on the glassy yet hard mosaic floor.

And then, there were those days
when you would balance on a chair’s hind legs;
Oblivious to the fact that you could
fall behind or the chair could give way
for you to flip back over and crack your skull.

This, followed by the reckless phase
when you would cycle downhill, hands free;
Ignorant of what could await you around
the bend; Or how some gravel on the tarmac
could skin you while you skid down the road.

Now, in an unsure age
when a pink slip could be the next mail;
Unconfidently, you gait between the water dispenser and corner cubicle.
Sit upright on an ergonomic chair with wheels, immobile; How ironical?!
And how cautiously you ride; slacklining the employment lifecycle.

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