Friday, February 17, 2017

A Curiosity Shop of Sorts

Fragile, elusive, wrapped in corrugated paper
and placed in apple boxes on the floor.
Fluid, mercurial, bottled carefully,
corked and placed in the top most shelf.
Noxious, dense, barreled
and shelved in the basement.
Brittle, bubble wrapped, cellophane taped
with an extra layer of shrink wrap, tucked into corners.
All these and more, stored in shelves
line up the walls from beneath the floor
up to the ceiling. More so, like an old curiosity shop.
The difference: nothing on display;
No tales, no labels, attested.
And all are password locked.
Passwords being not the usual combination
of a minimum of eight characters in length
with at least one in upper case,
a digit, a symbol and the rest in lower case.
But these, a notch above, the cryptexes
unlock to hints of scents wafting in the breeze,
cues of tunes echoing at a distance
and images chanced upon during second glances.
Tucked away safely in your mind’s warehouse
these Pandora’s containers, in different sizes,
stock curses, charms, benedictions
disguised as memories, which when unlocked
cloud your vision from seeing to tomorrow.

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