Monday, January 13, 2014

hole in your wall

And you thought;
you’ve raised your wall high.
Your life is yours
while you rest in its shade.
Chump, you are
and you’ll continue to be.
Till you leave those windows,
wide open to the street.
And the crannies in the wall;
unattended and unsealed.    
Don’t you know
of the voyeurs?
And those minuscule clefts
through which their gluey drool seeps.  
Ignorant soul, it’s not just you, anymore
who takes pleasure in your narcissistic strokes.
Selfie, which now, is a new addition to your vocab.,
Always, gave a keyhole-view of your enclosure.

Throwing an open invite
to those Orwellian ghouls.

Relocate if you may;
Give up on that Troy citizenship.

Be no more so naïve
to those requests and likes.
A hole in the wall is all it takes
To get-off for Uncle Sam,
And those creep around, Norman Bates’.

1 comment:

payal agarwal said...

Selfie,is the has that haunting quality that made me come to it again to read it..