Thursday, July 04, 2013

Cyclopean - A True Memory Catcher

Perhaps, the phrase picture perfect 
belonged to those days of yore.
When you could see people
caught unaware, 
giving away expressions, candid.
Sometimes posing, saying cheese;
Inching closer to squeeze into the frame;
Trying their best not to blink
and waiting to be blinded
By that lightning streak
escaping from the cyclopean wonder.  
And, if they ever blinked, 
What a shame,
It was to see oneself framed 
Wearing a somnolent face or to look 
like a drunk; 
More so, if it was the day 
they tied the knot. 
With no option, in fact,
to preview, erase
And go for another shot;
Regretfully, in that order. 
They could only imagine 
what would be the outcome
of a portrait or landscape
in a frame. 
memories were made 
keeping the age-old recipe in mind. 
Moments were virgins, 
caught with their innocence intact.
What was missed remained missed.
Like a sunup or sunset
That never repeated its act.
And that which was caught,
My friend, was a sure shot.
The boarding pass 
for your time travel;
Your window seat
with that picture doubling as a view.
Giving you a sneak peek 
into an epoch
Where life really did pause.
And froze or posed the way it was.


Narmada said...

have read it twice.. and I should say...Take a bow :)

you inspire.. and its so touchy! tch tch.... thumbs up

Aruna P Khot said...

Beautiful. Visited your blog after a very very long time.

Charles Darnell said...

An enjoyable read. Started out with a mildly humorous vignette all to common when taking pictures, but became more philosophical in the later half. Well done!

Charles Darnell said...

Enjoyed this piece. It began with a humorous account of a common vignette we all have experienced at one time or other taking pictures but waxed philosophical in the later half of the poem. A well done poem.