Friday, May 31, 2013

Just a random thought

While I blew those candles out,
I was struck by this random thought;
Questioning, what’s the mighty big deal
About this birthday coming your way every year.
Amidst all the greetings and gifts;
The chaos of surprises;
or the saccharine silence of being forgotten.
While choosing to be alone
or being lonely without a choice;
We fail to comprehend, what it actually means
Or what it’s trying to remind.
And if given a form, maybe, this occasion,
Or this so called day of celebration;
Would come across like someone.
Perhaps, like this little kid
sitting by your side.
While you’re on this non-stop journey
To an unknown and far off destination.
Perhaps, it could be someone like your daughter, son or neighbor,
nephew, niece, cousin or some unaccompanied co-passenger.
Or just push the rewind button if you may;
And scan back to see yourself in those yonder years.
You’ll see what curiosity really is.
And what looks like
impatience and restlessness, tangibly.
Bored, after a while
even if they get to have the window seat;
Upset, by their inability to switch channels
or browse this see-through window furthermore.
They gradually, let out those words;
Between snacking, slurping and catching up
with those forty winks;
Between counting the walking back trees
the crisscrossing tracks beneath and wires above.
Those words that become a chant thereafter;
Revisiting you, year after year.
As amusing as it may sound, sometimes;
And mostly, it turns out to be way too nagging.
By pulling your sleeve or nudging you lightly,
tugging your hand or patting you affably.
They ask you THE question,
“Are we there yet?”