Thursday, January 24, 2013


Reeds and keys;
make a serene melody.

Pepper and salt;
to liven up a bland recipe.

Dawn and dark;
a day as its beginning and end.

Black and white;
Yet they unite when it comes to human clay.


Anonymous said...

Liked this one a lot!
It is rhythmic!
G plus-ed it too :)!

Priyaa Iyer said...

Good one! Loved it

Dark Knight said...

Oye! Fantastic verse...well done! Now that Im back to blogging...will surely keep a close watch on your updates...hope you remember me! :)

Cheers Mate!

Dark Knight said...

Hey bro...fantastic verse man! Keep it that im back to my blogging adventures...will surely keep a close watch out for your updates...hope you remember me! :)


Curiosity crower said...

This is a good one Amit. life is never about a stand alone, no matter how good or bad it is.. life is a game of dichotomy, two sides , two different sides make one complete picture.. no exceptions to it :)

Curiosity crower said...

Loved this one Amit... Life never works with Stand alone s'.. We need two sides, two different sides to paint a complete picture...very crisp and very nicely written :)

Aruna P Khot said...

I have no word except beautiful for your poems.