Thursday, January 24, 2013


Reeds and keys;
make a serene melody.

Pepper and salt;
to liven up a bland recipe.

Dawn and dark;
a day as its beginning and end.

Black and white;
Yet they unite when it comes to human clay.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let go…

Well, has it ever 
occurred to you
when you peer
at the rear view mirror
on those moments
from the past
which passed you by?
Be it sweet,
or bittersweet.
And, when you did,
How often have you
Given a pat on your back
or praised yourself.
Looked up to you
at that full length mirror;
When you thought no one
could have pulled it off
Like you just did.
But, how often did you
cuss, bluntly blame yourself,
felt helpless, hopeless,
were remorseful, guilty
and thought you did
all that you possibly could
But the outcome wasn’t
what you thought it would be.
Or your prayers
didn’t match
the Master’s plan.
Well, it’s during such moments
does it rarely occur
that this is when
you got to let go.
This when you got to
let GOD be.