Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Screw words;
At times, they fail me miserably.
But she, with just her presence,
Writes poems to me effortlessly.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Iris Eclipse

Imagine you lift up your gaze
And you witness a solar eclipse.
With absolutely nothing between
the cassocked sun and your naked eyes.


Now, try freezing that moment
For eternity.
The second before that diamond ring.
That shot in the dark
Before the blinding spark.
Now multiply that into two.
Both staring back at you.
Into your soul.
Take a step back now
And draw two lines,
A line above, a line below.
Twin horizons, in kohl.
Now that's what I'm talking about.
Would you lift your gaze off
Those eyes in the sky?
Would you let go off that sight
if you were to lose your eyes.
If that very next instant
The diamond rings emerge.
Well, I wouldn't.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

3 Shades to Freedom

And the countdown began;
With just 60 seconds left, under the curt sun.
She ran, bare feet, on hot tarmac:
Striped in black and white.

From one window to another.
She knocked, she pleaded, she begged.
She waved the flags in tri-colour,
And held them high; minus the pride.

She took a break from her fight for freedom.
Back then, what they fought for was something different.
Right now, she strived to end the hunger invasion.
By selling each flag for only Rs.10/-

Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Quarters (3 ¼ s)

¼ past 11
She stared at the wall;

He grimaced at the blank paper;
Status updated.
Writer’s block.

¼ to 12
A storm brewed outside the door.
Calmness subsided indoor;
Together, they spun inside out.
Caught in a different eye of the storm.

¼ past 12
Monsoon reigned.
Just like the needles, long & short
They fell apart; Heaving.
Clasping hands they grinned at the ceiling.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Cyclopean - A True Memory Catcher

Perhaps, the phrase picture perfect 
belonged to those days of yore.
When you could see people
caught unaware, 
giving away expressions, candid.
Sometimes posing, saying cheese;
Inching closer to squeeze into the frame;
Trying their best not to blink
and waiting to be blinded
By that lightning streak
escaping from the cyclopean wonder.  
And, if they ever blinked, 
What a shame,
It was to see oneself framed 
Wearing a somnolent face or to look 
like a drunk; 
More so, if it was the day 
they tied the knot. 
With no option, in fact,
to preview, erase
And go for another shot;
Regretfully, in that order. 
They could only imagine 
what would be the outcome
of a portrait or landscape
in a frame. 
memories were made 
keeping the age-old recipe in mind. 
Moments were virgins, 
caught with their innocence intact.
What was missed remained missed.
Like a sunup or sunset
That never repeated its act.
And that which was caught,
My friend, was a sure shot.
The boarding pass 
for your time travel;
Your window seat
with that picture doubling as a view.
Giving you a sneak peek 
into an epoch
Where life really did pause.
And froze or posed the way it was.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Just a random thought

While I blew those candles out,
I was struck by this random thought;
Questioning, what’s the mighty big deal
About this birthday coming your way every year.
Amidst all the greetings and gifts;
The chaos of surprises;
or the saccharine silence of being forgotten.
While choosing to be alone
or being lonely without a choice;
We fail to comprehend, what it actually means
Or what it’s trying to remind.
And if given a form, maybe, this occasion,
Or this so called day of celebration;
Would come across like someone.
Perhaps, like this little kid
sitting by your side.
While you’re on this non-stop journey
To an unknown and far off destination.
Perhaps, it could be someone like your daughter, son or neighbor,
nephew, niece, cousin or some unaccompanied co-passenger.
Or just push the rewind button if you may;
And scan back to see yourself in those yonder years.
You’ll see what curiosity really is.
And what looks like
impatience and restlessness, tangibly.
Bored, after a while
even if they get to have the window seat;
Upset, by their inability to switch channels
or browse this see-through window furthermore.
They gradually, let out those words;
Between snacking, slurping and catching up
with those forty winks;
Between counting the walking back trees
the crisscrossing tracks beneath and wires above.
Those words that become a chant thereafter;
Revisiting you, year after year.
As amusing as it may sound, sometimes;
And mostly, it turns out to be way too nagging.
By pulling your sleeve or nudging you lightly,
tugging your hand or patting you affably.
They ask you THE question,
“Are we there yet?”

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

my muse

Clutched up when outdoors
Or let down when in;
Her tresses seldom face the pressure
Of putting up with those million grooming options.
She prefers no lip gloss that makes her lips glossy.
Nor words to sugar coat her thoughts.
She seldom mutes her eyes with eyeliner
Because her eyes mostly speak for her.
Sometimes, a dab of twilight woods
And sometimes cherry blossom;
To make the breeze our messenger.
No masquerade,
No fairness cream or blush
Only sunscreen to keep the uv rays away.
No ornaments too junky
Nor gold that’s too glittery.
Even her soles seldom feign
by posing in stilettos;
But it's always comfy in a pair of
flats, heels or peep toes.
Never draped in bright colours,
Or wrapped in camouflage.
Nothing about her is too evident
neither is it too faint.
She’s subtlety with exquisiteness
She is exquisite in being subtle.
Perhaps, that's what makes her what she is.
Perhaps, that's what makes her my muse.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Reeds and keys;
make a serene melody.

Pepper and salt;
to liven up a bland recipe.

Dawn and dark;
a day as its beginning and end.

Black and white;
Yet they unite when it comes to human clay.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let go…

Well, has it ever 
occurred to you
when you peer
at the rear view mirror
on those moments
from the past
which passed you by?
Be it sweet,
or bittersweet.
And, when you did,
How often have you
Given a pat on your back
or praised yourself.
Looked up to you
at that full length mirror;
When you thought no one
could have pulled it off
Like you just did.
But, how often did you
cuss, bluntly blame yourself,
felt helpless, hopeless,
were remorseful, guilty
and thought you did
all that you possibly could
But the outcome wasn’t
what you thought it would be.
Or your prayers
didn’t match
the Master’s plan.
Well, it’s during such moments
does it rarely occur
that this is when
you got to let go.
This when you got to
let GOD be.