Friday, December 21, 2012


Now, imagine
you’re on one end of the phone.
Tapping digits from memory.
Or just scrolling up and down
to find them in your phonebook. 
There; Stop.
You just found them,
neatly tucked;
between your
old irksome boss
and a comforting confidante.   

Now, you dial
to reach them
over the phone.
Possibilities are:
You get them
at the first ring,
Or after a couple of rings.
You hang up
before the last ring;
and they pick right
when you’ve dropped the call.
Now, what if…
The automated voice reverberates
The line or the route is busy
Or, you’ve gotten through.
But all you hear is the white noise.
There’s this stillness in between
Or your voice echoes back at you.
Perhaps, they’ve switched off.
Or in no mood to respond;
But this is an important call for you.
Yet there’s no response.

Now, would you
stop calling?
Even if this call could
trade in a miracle;
Or would you still call
if you missed the miracle?
Now, imagine if…
 this call
is nothing more, nothing less
but a prayer
to the Supernatural.