Monday, July 30, 2012

* subject to change

Well, you could have come across,
These three tentative words;
Perhaps, in fine print, on a poster;
Or, a billboard outside a theatre.
A disclaimer on a promotional mailer
A menu card, maybe a dangler.
For that matter,
you might have read it
in some terms and conditions.
All these times,
you might have said to yourself.
Indeed, it’s a chance that needs to be taken;
In a world where no guarantee is given.
But now, let’s look at the flipside.
How would it be
If the same could apply:
To anything and everything
That’s bringing you down in life?
It could be disappointments,
Failures, bitter instances,
which you thought
you never deserved.
Being broke, being jobless;
Being out of love:
Or, waiting to be freed
from this moment
which you feel
 is a Venus fly trap.
Well, this is when
you need to remind yourself;
These seasons
aren’t here to stay but pass.
They’re here to season you
For the good times that are to come.
Those three tentative words
Could be applied here as well.
NOW* is indeed *subject to change.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I to I

I’m glad you could make it in.
Now, please take your boots off.
Slip into my pair of flip-flops,
I give you now.
We have a lot to talk
But in a few words.
Now, don’t give it
a second thought;
I’m on a break today;
Imagine us
sitting across a table
with a cyanide pill
on a steel plate;
Now here’s the favour
I ask of you.
Just one deed
And this could be
our final deal.
Set me free,
bite the bloody pill.
or, bemused?
Knowing you, I bet
you must be smiling
to yourself.
Thinking how stupid I am
To ask you so easily
to give up on your dear life.
Now that you’re already
slipped into my flip-flops;
I want you to picture this
The way I do now.    
How often you’ve told
that this is just not for me.
How many times you’ve said
to give up on our dream.
After you’ve tried and failed,
time and again. I’ve agreed.
But many a times
I’ve too felt this way
When you easily made me
bite the pill.
Well these were the times
I’ve died and rose again.
Now I only wish you were dead.
Because you gave up
even before you tried.