Monday, June 04, 2012

ant bite sonata

With an ant bite
she pushed the rewind button.
Clenching her fist
and gripping her teeth.
Tearing the ticket
She had just bought.
She travelled now
at the speed of thought
at the end of the needle prick;
as the last drop
gushed into her stream.
She slipped into the skin
When she was seven,
and Innocence faded in.
Now she sat in a corner
With the ceiling, whirling and
staring back at her.
Sandwiched with nothing much
but thin air
above and beneath.
She drifted though stationary.
Suspended yet momentary.
Intoxicated but naturally.
She remembered her blue frock
open up like an umbrella with polka dots.
Hands open, nose up in the air.
She spun around like her
Grandpa’s old vinyl record.
On and on she went
till the world went in circles.
And she almost felt
like she had whipped up a storm.
Eventually, she would plonk herself
and wait till everything
settled at its own pace.
Like the last trip in a merry-go-round.
Back then trance was more than a genre
of music that played in her head.
Now to replay that lost melody,
another ant bite she relentlessly sought.