Monday, May 28, 2012


After a heavy shower; 
Raindrops, tenants for few minutes
in the tree’s shelter.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

<|<| Perfect Past, Perturbed Present |>|>

Imagine your fingers
flipping through
a series of faded and printed pictures;
Of days that limited memories
to a postcard or four by six frame;
In B&W, sepia and toned down colours.
Now, let me take you
a few decades ahead in time.
Well, then
you might have holograms
And virtual walkthroughs
that move back and forth.
For that matter,
You could also book tickets
In a time machine;
And take a trip down
To visit that
most cherished minute.
Be it now or then
A phrase
Will certainly play on your lips.
Or you might simply
say that under your breath.
Whether you know it or not;
Intentional or unintentional.
You will surely state
by taking a step back
with a smirk
or eyes hazed with tears.
“Sigh! Those were the good old days“.

Now, for a moment
let’s just return to the present.
Take an account
of the recent times
to analyze:
How many days you’ve taken for granted
without being grateful.
How you missed those hours,
brooding. That these days
don’t resemble those times of yore.
How often you’ve let gone that light drizzle,
the warm 6 am sun
or the soothing moonlight walk.
Blindly, how you’ve always
pitched and dwelt in your past.
And let the present
making a whooshing noise.
How foolish it is
that we only look back
Without pressing forward.  
For, you and I
fail to realize;
That ‘those-good-old-days’
are made of
nothing  but
days like today.