Monday, April 23, 2012

Try one, today!

Have you ever tried
a cup of green tea?
If not, I recommend
you try one, today.
All you need,
Is a green tea bag,
That’s not really green.
And a cup of boiling water
That as hot as 80 degrees C.
Now dip the bag in
And let it sink deep;
For not more than
two minutes or three.
Lug the bag out
like a pail from the well.
Rub both your palms
As they face each other.
Take a moment
Till the surface goes still.
With a puff and then a sip.
Close your eyes
As you drink it in.
And then, kindly repeat.
Until you’ve reached the deep
And you’ve had the last bit.
Regret not,
it’s indeed a tad bitter.
But that won’t really last.  
It’s very much like a swig
of your tart past.
So, have you tried yet
a cup of green tea?
It’s an unsullied recipe
To reminisce or contemplate,
For it’s like a moment you thought
That was here to stay;
But, before you knew, it passed
Leaving a sweetened aftertaste.