Saturday, March 31, 2012

Closed doors and a new found key

On your face.
And you just
can’t take your
eyes off the door.
You don’t want to
turn around and leave.
You knock,
You bang your fist
on its chest;
You cuss and cuss.
Take a few steps
Run into it
And push.
But the door remains closed.
Not letting you
to make it through.
Finally, you give up.
And walk
Down the aisle
of closed doors.
Kicking a crushed tin
till it leaves you alone.
And then
you run into a key in a steel ring.
You pick it up and wonder.
Is it a lost one?
Or is this the key
to the door you ought to find?
Because, somebody once said,
“for every door He closes
He, always does, open another.”

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The shrill noise of a pin’s drop on the marble floor.
The thunderous echoes of a pebble skimmed on the lake bed.
The explosive dripping of dew from a blade’s tip onto the damp soil.
The loud rumble of a feather as it tumbles down a hay stack.
The earth shattering flutter of dragon fly’s wings.
All these and all the other inaudible things seem to billow.
They seem to resonate and stir a storm out of a zephyr;
When you don’t even let out a Hmmm,
But instead,
You choose to confront me with your deafening silence. 

Friday, March 02, 2012


She saw silence fade
 in a cloud burst;
On a rainy night.
As she stared,
in wait,
at the ceiling;
The rain drops
Invading the marble floor.
And she sat there
With legs folded,
and putting out
her fleet
of paper boats.
Lifting their anchors
and dropping the sails;
They waded slowly.
And she drowned her despair,
In knee deep waters
While the boats stayed afloat.