Friday, February 24, 2012

this or that

Is it your absence
or your presence
that makes me miss myself?

Is it your spoken words
or your silence
that leaves me speechless?

Is it the tight embrace
or the moment we break free to breathe
that binds us as one?

Is it you who asks me to scribble
or is it you on whom I wish to scribble
that makes my scrabble for words worthwhile?


Poetic Soul said...

guess its both...this n that!!
good one! :)

pygmalion said...

i shd repeat my same comment every time for you
Hit the heart!
I have done the privilege of tagging you her..pls check

adreamygal said...

Is it your words
or your deep thought
that made me comment ? :P

A vague attempt to say how much I liked it ! Simple-y beautiful and so love-ly words !! :) As pygmalion put it, hits the heart !

Divenita said...

:) Good one ! :) :) But felt could be better !

nincompoop-aka-charu said...

crisp and beautiful!

Muse said...

Well, do I comment or not comment? ;)