Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Chronicle of Parallels

The moon had just then taken the exit
After returning its borrowed glow from last night.
The sun reclaimed his stance now and gleamed
Keeping the world from going blind.  

That instant, on the banks of still waters, 
Under an old silver oak, he sat, on dry leaves. 
Skillfully woven and built with the choicest twigs 
He had made his bed of fall and rise.

Alongside, from the pond’s surface arose, 
A total contrast of what he was. 
An ephemeral being who had waited all along
Budding slowly beneath the surface for this dawn;

She freed herself and flapped her short wings. 
Nudged by the breeze to the right and then to the left.  
She got the hang of flying as she glided in a bit. 
Swiftly over the pond she dashed and escaped the preying fish.    

Now onto the banks, she flew so swift that she almost crashed.
But somehow came to a halt by trying not to screech.  
Face to face they stared right into each other’s eyes.
The eternal Phoenix and the ephemeral Mayfly. 

The moment lasted for not more than a minute, perhaps; 
They simply glanced at each other. 
The poised Phoenix batted its eyelids 
And the Mayfly, winked and scooted minding its own business. 

With its telescopic eyes from afar, 
Watched the Owl and archived this occurrence.  
And in its own words it said “This faceoff was extremely rare.
Maybe, just once in my entire lifetime.” 

“And as for you, like every other fool on earth, 
You assumed it was love at first sight. But, NO!” it wrote and chortled. 
“The Phoenix went ablaze to rise again from the ashes. 
The Mayfly didn’t stop and stare; she went about living every moment.”   

Finally, before the old wise Owl took the quill off its chronicles. 
These were the last two lines it scribbled before it decided to put a period. 
 “While one prepared wisely to end and make a new beginning, 
The other soared in glee to begin a worthy ending.”


Divenita said...

After a long time, i felt super duper happy reading your poems!
Each line is a gem and i really liked the way its structured!

Great job!:)

Sagittarian said...

Hi, wonderful piece from you here! :) Thanks for sharing!

Btw, I would like to thank you for visiting and leaving comment at my blog, it's really appreciated ) May God bless you :)

Jasper said...

How did you come up with this piece. Its a marvel.Especially the last lines,

“While one prepared wisely to end and make a new beginning,
The other soared in glee to begin a worthy ending.”

The last line in particular is so... amazing. I'm literally spell bound.

Rahul Bhatia said...

A great encounter:)

Anonymous said...

beautiful, absolutely beautiful