Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weird Winter Wish

This winter is weird,
As it kindles desires, odd.
It makes your palms
To crave, to be clasped.
Instead of facing a furnace.
Or slide into a pair
of woollen gloves.
Your cold shoulders
Yearn for a warm hug
Instead of a pullover
Or a snug cashmere rug.
And your lips
Seek another pair.
To seal the warmth;
Rather than finding comfort
With a brimful of hot chocolate.
This winter is weird indeed.
But it also kindles a desire
Not so odd.
And that’s the wish
Of being with you;
In many more winters to come.


pygmalion said...


Muse said...

Abracadabra! And you know the rest ;)

:-Dee said...

awwww... splendid!!! :)

Divenita said...

Such a warm write :D!

Waiting for a story! :d

Dolly Singh said...

Purrr-fect for Delhi winters.. Romantic and soooo wintery
Loved it,Charlie :)

Suneeta Mishra said...


sprinklesofchatter said...

Oh my my!
Now that is a winter I like!

Priyanka Khot said...

Wishing you lots and lots of winters filled with warm hugs.

A very happy married life Amit! :-D

Neha Shandilya said...

This was beautiful..
Thanks for vising by blog.. I got to see the works of an awesome poet.. :)

Jasper said...

Love... described in such an aesthetic and b'ful way.

A warmth runs over in these weird winters... just by reading your words.