Wednesday, December 07, 2011

building the rainbow bridge

This was an awkward moment, indeed,
When they felt they had almost parted ways.
The barrenness of the land
Gave way to the vastness of the sky.
Now they were on two parallels
That stretched to no end.
In fact, even the horizon
Wasn’t clearly in sight.
The earth rumbled, and
the dunes of sand
Were churned by the wind.
The sky turned pale
And its clouds grew dark.
A retort to the silent earth’s remark.
The thunder rolled with its drum roll.
And the lightning sped ahead, making way.
The war was on and the arrows rained.
It went on till the sun rose, covering its head.
They say, it’s calm before the storm.
But here life returned to normal after the battle.
The earth opened up
And wore a green stubble.
The blue sky gazed coyly
Through the veil of pristine clouds.
The nothingness in between
Was now filled with serenity.
The horizon was at eye’s reach in full glory.
The tryst seemed like it was destined.
For rainbow bridges can’t be built
Without the cornerstones of thunderstorms.


:-Dee said...

Wowww... awe inspiring poetry!!! :) Loved it to the very core. Bravo!

Saru Singhal said...

Stunning word play...loved it!

Lavanya Snigdha said...

So true... the thunderstorms are always a prelude to the miracle.

Madhuri said...

Aahhh, a lovely poetry...I know one may think insane but I felt a bit nostalgic reading this piece :)