Monday, July 18, 2011


Clad in an ashen veil
Towards her destiny she drifted slowly;
She trod the path
The winds had laid before her.
To lighten the responsibility
She had borne in her womb;

The fallen, barren cradle
Awaited her arrival.
With its gaze towards the blue,
Pouting the uneven cracks;
Its parched lips, longed,
For the reign of her offspring.

A virgin once, in pristine white.
Now jaded and faded
With a mission at hand.
The Mother of a Deliverer
Wept in joy. The pregnant cloud
Gave earth its Saviour.


Divenita said...

Good one!:)

28rj said...

Something for the Scribble :)

Muse said...

Something for the Scribble :)

sm said...

beautiful thoughtful poem

Amber Light said...

Brilliant. One of your very best.

payal agarwal said...

Its good..:)

Anonymous said...

...And Jesus was born! :)

Kudos to your writing skills :)

A regular reader of Scribble Pad and a budding writer