Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Love Chronicle

They were destined to meet some day
Just for one short instant.
They were born to meet this way
Though their origins were distant;

One fine evening, amid a misty plane.
Poised, the White Knight came forth and embraced.
The lean Princess arose with a tiara aflame.
And their lips met for a scarlet exchange.

Flares of passion flew as she was sparked.
He burnt along as he surrendered to her charm;
For a second or two, and she was done and gone.
But in her loving memory to smithereens he turned.

In a while, he too laid his life.
And their immortal selves arose, entwined, up in smoke.
Here ends the quick love chronicle
Of a matchstick and tobacco rolled in paper.


Divenita said...

;) - you'll win!!

nanda said...

nice one,
that's called a "twist in the end"

Amber Light said...

Typical Scribbler style.. the whole picture in the entire scribble is replaced by a completely different one by a single line. Nice to see you back again

payal agarwal said...

I feel I've read something from you on similar notes..I like the way u handle such poems..

C'est Moi said...

Lovely, and the twist was amazing!!

Pradeepa said...

I really enjoyed it.