Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Puttu bakes for a Holiday

Half past ten, on a Sunday night
Puttu looked out of his bedroom window.
Spotless, like his clean slate, was the sky.
To call Monday a holiday there wasn’t a single sign.

Off he slipped into sleep; on his secret mission.
Now in his dreamland he got busy in an instant.
Kneading, punching and beating, he swiftly rolled
The pristine white flour into a big ball of ashen dough.

Sprinkled some water and iced it with a silver lining.
He pushed some buttons and let it puff in an oven.
The alarm went off and he rubbed his eyes twice.
Now he woke up in his bed with a gigantic, dark cloud in sight;


akanksha said...

Nice!!!! :)
I m wishing fir rain too! But, its not a child's play for me...at least 2 months till the rain god showers on us! :(

Rek said...

wow....nice dream weaved in an incredible style...hope he got his holiday.

Divenita said...

:) i rmr the monday morning drama by huckelberry finn :P

sprinklesofchatter said...

This is beautiful. :)