Monday, April 11, 2011

At first sight

A gentle, warm touch.
And off went the wake-up call,
Sending a buzz down their nerves.
Love and lust awoke
In that same uneven bed.
On the morning after
Their one night stand.
The snooze button may be damned
They thought.
Her palms faced his
While they both kneeled.
Fingers interlocked,
As they inched closer.
Their breath mingled,
But lips went dry,
In wait,
For a catalytic kiss.
Clothing their quasi nudity with strips of a beam,
The 7 a.m. sun peered
Through a tattered tarpaulin shade.
Seldom was he woken up by such a sight
He rubbed his eyes, so that brighter, it may shine.
Just then a fluffy, piece of cloud
Blanketed him, leaving him dazed
And dunked him back to slumber.
Silence stood at the end of the lane
On its toes;
Waiting for a signal
To take leave.
The fragile sound of her lips parting
Gave a clarion call to advance.
Softly touching her parted lips
He closed in and she took the leap.
Hands went busy
Embracing and exploring.
Bodies entwined
As they rose above their knees.
Like two, felled logs of timber
They fell
And rolled between the remains.

Kisses adorned her neckline,
His fleshy, oral fiend
Went in circles, curved and teased
Her perky twins.
And those lips decided to go further deep.
While moans and groans escaped often,
between every sigh and hiss,
And echoed through the empty lane.
She held his head and thrust him downhill
As his hands cupped her other pair of cheeks.
Unable to bear his wanderlust
Both her hands reached above her head.
She held onto the metal railings by the sidewalk
Beside the parched rainwater drain.
She arched like a rainbow
At the end of passion creak and exhaled.
But he lay immersed
As every wave lashed against his face.
Stripping off their cloaks of reticence,
Indulged in a brackish lagoon of bliss,
Wasted; now they lay.
Now, the sun had bribed the wind,
To catch a glimpse of the adolescent play.
With a strong waft,
the wind pushed the cloud off bay.
As the sun’s warmth dawned on their skin
They woke up from the piles of rags
And flattened cardboard boxes beneath them.
The blind duo, sheer vagrants
Who met by chance the previous night.
Parted their separate ways
From the narrow lane behind the old slum;
Where some blighted souls find
The far-flung,
Vertical horizon of pleasure.
In a normal world
Where some are blinded by lust
And think they’ve found their way to love
At first sight.
Here is a pair of sightless mortals
Who first found lust;
Now let’s hope, their sighting of love
Will follow next.


Dolly Singh said...

Its always a treat to read you!
Your expressions are original/Keep them coming//

deep said...

Very timely. Loved the usage of words to express the *usual* act. Like perky twins and arching like a rainbow to state a couple. Likey.

Sh@s said...

Beautiful and sad, lust and squalor...these were the words that came to my mind on reading it. You have used metaphors wonderfully.
Keep writing!

Smriti said...

Nice :)

payal agarwal said...

A fine write with a thoughtful end..