Monday, July 19, 2010


The last drop of a drink
That quenches the thirst for a while.
The last piece of jigsaw
That makes the puzzle complete.
The last withered leaf
To kiss the tree’s feet.
The last raindrop
To vanish under the sun's heat.
The last sweep of crumbs
On a plate in between.
The last page on a book
That turned into a paper plane.
The last step to make it across
That finish line.
The last handshake
Before you bid goodbye.
The last kiss you share
Before you part ways.
The last heaves of breath
Before you, finally, leave.
The last fistful of earth
To be emptied into the grave.
The last line of this scribble
That you think is the conclusion.
The last time you might feel
That there’s nothing beyond the end.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


At the end of month nine,
A miracle rocked slowly
In a cradle beside.
In awe, the infant mother
Slept not a wink that night