Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm untying my shoelace
To slip my old shoes off.
With a tired soul, and a worn out sole,
I'm getting ready to take the faith leap.
At the doorstep of a new beginning,
I'll be dusting off my Achilles' heel.
I'll humbly wait
On the mark for the gun.
I'd be up on my feet
Once the countdown ends;
For a free run of no return.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

hush now.

How strange and vile is this damned silence;
It pushes your imagination
To travel in all directions, four.
Brings your loved ones closer,
By thought.
And finds those memories of lost love
Whether you’ve made an attempt to search or not.
It seems they’re all at your arm’s reach
Though they exist afar.
It makes you wonder
Every other silent second;
If someone is also thinking,
Of you,
Right now.
Toying around
With your brittle faith
As though it’s its voodoo doll.
Hush… Hush… Hush…
Hush now.
Don’t say a word or dare to think aloud.
Hold your breath or don’t breathe too hard
You’ll know exactly, what I’m talking about.