Wednesday, May 26, 2010


That sudden silence
An abrupt minute
those hours.
It's when there's
nothing much to exchange.
A void from nowhere breaks in,
And you can almost hear:
The stirring spoon,
The drone of the air conditioning,
The soft clicks
on the keypad
while someone messages
from the table behind,
And the clash of a plate
falling flat on its face
at a distance.

You only then notice:
Your nails need to be clipped,
A spello
on the Cafe's tent card;
The ceiling turns
into a masterpiece,
Which you gaze at,
and admire.
You want to talk some more
yet the topic feels tired,
and it wants to retire.

This silence is like
that last piece of
chocolate chip cookie;
Left, in between,
on a white ceramic plate.
For once,
you want to bite in
and indulge.
But you fear reaching,
For it might just
finish that instant.
While on the other side,
You don’t want to
leave it untouched.
It just tempts you
And yearns for your attention;

You clear your throat,
and utter a word.
there’s a word
from the one before you;
Clashing with yours
at the same time.
A demure exchange of smiles.
There’s silence once again.

Now will you reach for the cookie?
Or, will you keep on?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Napkin Notes V

Summer rain, incessant
The spirit waded through knee deep water
Looking fresh and crisp

Summer night heist
Martyr, a loyal lock. Convict, a confederate hammer
Loot, years of sleepless nights

Summer noon. Hot tarmac
Bare feet on the run. Rests on the drenched lawn.
Bodies lie down facing skywards, holding hands

Rainy night.Salad days
An orchid bloomed in its sixteenth summer
Amid the aroma of wet soil, in his company

Summer night. Lost
A bee buzzes around a glass jar of honey
A feast for only its eyes