Monday, March 22, 2010

Napkin Notes II

Early summer
A 12 year old wine, matured
As it drank from her lips

Rainy night. Alone at a table for two
Juggling fire between her lips and fingers
She sat draped in a veil of smoke

Summer evening, a half content kettle puffed tiny clouds
A cup thirsted for more with some residue
And a spoon lay beside with its head still spinning

One summer noon. Baited and moved
Circled around a see-through enclosure
But not a corner it found to hide in a fish bowl

The summer moon
Rose, walked, ran, danced, stumbled, and fell
As it shone on the wet floor, alone.

Dry afternoon. Parched lips
Tears brim
Thirst unanswered

End of day.Journey's break
Flesh rests
Spirit wanders, aimlessly