Saturday, February 20, 2010


Where do dreams go after they die?
Or do we just conclude that they are dead?
Do they ever die or do they simply lie?
Somewhere deep down, dormant;
Till that one day, when it’s their time.

Would you be prepared,
If they would return;
Welcome them with your
Hand stretched out
For something you once, had to let go.

Some nameless and some mass graves.
Well, how many tombstones
Bear the names of dead and gone.
Yet, not a graveyard for dreams
You would find, out in the open.

Waiting for faith to takeover
And roll the stone over.
They lie in lone tombs that lay hidden within.
The moment you believe
These dreams will rise, yet again.


Shylu said...

Tooooooooo good!!!

Smriti said...

Very nice...some dreams may never come true but still they keep u going...:)

Dark Knight said...

awesome work man! keep it the flow and the imagery...

autumn leaves said...

The moment you believe
These dreams will rise, yet again.
Food for thought!:)

Tamarind~ said...

hmmm.. dream boy ;)

Matangi Mawley said...

:) nice imagination..

Priyanka Khot said...

It rarely happens that an acquaintance with someone, virtually in this case, makes one proud. I am so proud that I live in the times, when you write. I came to your space after a long time. Guess I was preparing myself to appreciate your words. Wonderfully hope inducing as usual.


Devanshi said...

I stuck with "Or do we just conclude that they are dead?" I think that is what we do. Else dreams never die, they just lose the dreamer's interest.

Liked it :)

rina said...

lovely vivid imagery...springs hope :)

Menina said...

Very thought provoking!