Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here I am.
Before you.
I was lost.
Just a while ago
In reality.
I return
To absolve
Myself clean;
To this virtual space.
We often meet.
Oh! What pretense
This is?
Where a conversation
Means no contact.
There’s a connect
With a curtain
In between.
Emotions are mere
Brackets, colons
Slashes, hash
Hyphens and other
When I
Have a lot to say;
With abbreviations
And acronyms,
I say it least.
When I need to silence
I :) or ;)
Leaving your imagination
To assume anything.
Where my thumb
Plays the tongue.
And your eyes
Act as ears.
Oh! What pretense
this is?
:-) :-( :-/ :-# :-|
Hope you understand
What I mean?
If not
I’m confused.
I guess
We are
Just going in circles,
Here I am.
Before you.
I was lost.
Just a while ago
In reality.


aria said...

well I guess.. everytime I read you, I feel this is even better than the last one I read!

Smriti said...

Enjoyed reading...

"eyes act as ears"

loved the depth in this line..

Anonymous said...

The post made me :)
It made me realise...
how much do words convey!
Written word has a way,
No less than the spoken word I say, Scribbled, spoken and those that spring from keyboards and mice ;)
Aren't all words rather wise?

Amber Light said...

enjoyed this tremendously. Thanks.

Aruna said...

Congrats your blog has been nominated for inibloggies award. Go to this link to view your nomination.
Aruna (priyanka's mom)

Priyanka Khot said...

I loved this one! So true of the friendship (I like to believe it is) we share. :-)

soul speaks said...

Hi, Hopped on to your blog for the first time. Found all that I could go through very nicely written, somewhere beautiful. Great to see you. take care. rekha

Priyanka Khot said...

where are u? it has been months since I heard from you. Return to the blogosphere soon.

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shruthi said...

I liked it!.. so original.. so "you".
Felt nice reading your scribbles after a long time :)