Thursday, October 22, 2009


An old friend returned
And I burnt my lips.
After a long hiatus of fresh air
I have taken a break.
Hopefully, she is here
For a short stay.
An erstwhile companion
In my heydays.
She would reduce to ashes
Just to see me rise.
While we killed time
She played my accomplice.
Tempted me for another tryst
Whenever I would want to quit.
At every rendezvous
I would assure myself
This would be my last.
But the affair, usually, lasted
Much beyond that.
Finally, one New Year’s Eve
We decided to part.
I gave up on her
And said to myself,
This would be the last.
I guess now,
There has been a relapse.
She’s back now
To turn me into a foe.
And this time, like always,
I’m sure it would last.


aria said...

Ohh .. this is so ME.
went through some other poetry of yours.. absolutely loved them .. (esp P.T.O.)
keep writing.

Smriti said...

nice one, Amit ;)...

Amber Light said...

i hope she doesnt come back into anybody's life! its not worth it!!

Matangi Mawley said...

u know.. i have seen this kind of a scenario in a friend's life.. :)

very well written..

autumn leaves said...

gud write..btw smoking is injurious to health:)

devanshi said...

I made no efforts to love this one..I think that is the beauty that it has. Compliments!