Friday, October 30, 2009

? =

Isn’t it strange how you try to frame a story
Of things you’ve come across?
Of things lived through and gone past.
Those that you remember
When you’re all by yourself.
You borrow them from your past
And hard sell it with waivers
Luring your future to buy them again.
Fix a beginning and an end.
Make people in your life
Play characters and pivotal roles.
Of course, you’re in the lead
While the world, around you, revolves.
Replay classics in the background.
Add a twist to that tale,
And a tinge of humor or tragedy.
Or induce an anti-climax or
A happily-ever-after.
Bring worlds together,
That lay eons away.
Well, now you seem
To be well prepared;
To push the rewind button
Way before I pull down the curtains.
Could you please take a deep breath
And give me a count to ten?
Now that you’re back, simply read on…
Before you know it has begun
And long gone.
You’re a part of it
Whether you like it or don’t.
Memories make great stories.
Some, you tell to yourself
Over and over again to feel good.
And some you try never to return to.
You either pause or skip them
Press fast forward
Till you arrive at a better scene.
But this is something I have always
Pondered upon.
This is for you,
An open ended question.
Do memories contain life
Or is it the other way around?


Smriti said...

while i was reading this scribble...i was u really speak so much? or, is it that i'm d one who presses ur mute button? :P just kiddin...gud one again...d question posed in the end is definitely a show stealer :)

Dipa said...

My fav topic ;)

I feel...memories are d fuel fo's d source to bring memories to life :)

aria said...

"Do memories contain life
Or is it the other way around?"

lucid writing.. sometimes in life interesting truths and profound questions slip up on us without even noticing.. just like reading through your flowing words.. very nicely written.. read it 2-3 times :)

Di said...

Your best write, so far. Fantastic flow, visual treat in words chosen so carefully. Write on!

Hephzi said...

yet another masterpiece from you... liked evry bit of it must accept ur writing is astoundingly captivating ..
keep it coming .. :)

well abt the question..You can't beat the memories can u? :)

autumn leaves said...

:)Genuine write..Past is a part of life you already can’t run away from it..
A question for ur memories die?If they do then certainly they contain life..and then being harsh with them would be just another crime..:)

Anonymous said...

memories are a pointless indulgence

uuds said...

Like many of life's delicious paradoxes, this too, is best left unresolved =)

shruthi said...

:) loved this one too!

AKS said...

i have a similar confusion

Dreams begin from my window
And spread out to my lawn
From there they take shape and fly away
So much like a yawn

I gulp and try to lock them up
They laugh and set them free
I Behold and think to myself
I make them or they make me.

They were once small ,small enough to hold in palms
And now they grow by leaps and bounds
I see them push me through different worlds
New things in this sojourn i lost and found.

Yet i find myself amused all the more
Dreaming was a hobby now it is a chore
What was once a dream is fact today
Some to my liking some dismay

But one thing still annoys me
I seek dreams or they seek me??