Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lunatic Eclipse

Under the twilight, on a quest I wander.
At the shallow end, I stand,
Yet to slip and drown in deep slumber.

Lost count of sheep
And they seem to have lost their flock;
While I’m trying hard to reclaim my mislaid sleep.

In a frail attempt to leap
Across the barbed fence; Caught
In the wilderness of insomnia they bleat.

Darkness has seeded chaos,
And made every thought
Scuttle opting varied paths;

Like mortals of Babel’s tower
They scamper, unawares, they seek solace,
While a shadow follows their every step.

I pray, I fall asleep
The moment I let the lids down.
For I cannot resort to the age-old tradition, till morn.

The fiend lurks the plain tonight,
Preying upon the flock till first light.
The Wolf, a nightmare, in a sheep’s clothing.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Don’t raise a tombstone over my head;
Let there be no epitaph that bears my name.
Bid your final goodbye with three fists full of soil;
Just bury my remains in a secluded place.
Preferably, under a sprawling banyan’s shade.

Burn me till I’m grey.
Don’t confine my remains in an urn of porcelain.
Send me off into the unseen. See me off as I disappear.
Blow me away into the winds.
Let me know how it is to be a zephyr.

I don’t wish to be a resident,
Don’t you bear me in your mind;
Of a chronicle that’s neither fact nor fiction.
From wine to vinegar, try what ever you may;
Let me pass as a cataclysmic, ephemeral phase.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

a C(_)P of espresso

Hot between the lips
Bitter on the tip
Well, Espresso is nothing but
Truth brewed under pressure
That leaves behind a discrete aftertaste