Sunday, August 30, 2009


Give love, unconditionally.
Don't ever hesitate.
Not everyone dares to take this fall;
It takes courage to do this deed.
It’s your faith’s biggest leap.
For they know not
It only let’s you to rise and soar.
Be selfless, be patient;
Don’t fear to let go,
When you’re in love,
It will return if it is truly yours.
This is destiny’s biggest gamble,
A bid where He knows
What you deserve to claim.
Where you're still a winner,
Although, you've lost the game.


smriti said...

very true :)

nicely penned

Muse said...

Bullseye!!!Open mouthed awe at this one!!!!

And I quote my own:
"Took it all-the winner
Relinquished-the loser
Mighty Blessed!" (From 'For rent')

The Winner gives it all; for all that's not given is lost :-)

ruSh.Me said...

Though, you win, you are still a loser!! :D

autumn leaves said...

self-inspirational expression kinds:)