Monday, August 17, 2009


One step closer,
Let your gaze
Rest in mine.
Take a good look.
Do you see a splinter?
A tiny speck,
A barrier, an impediment,
That’s flanked by our vision.
My sight’s quite hazy,
Clouded and grief-stricken.
Every move stings
Yet I’m trying
To see through the pain.
Correct me,
If I’m wrong.
Is that a piece of log
in your eye?


CoFfEe AnGeL said...

hmm...v.deep. warcked with pain...
but beautiful in its questioning misery...

Sanket Rathod said...

Difficulty "seeing" the other side?

Muse said...

"The Faults I see in others' lives
Are often true of me.
So help me, Lord, to recognise
My own hypocrisy"

How often does a tiny splinter blind a vision!

Good One, Sir Charles!

smriti said...

beautiful one, eddy