Monday, August 03, 2009


She knelt on the rocky shore,
Weeping under the glowing crescent.
Amid the ceaseless waves' uproar,
She pieced the shattered jigsaw of silence.
The void seemed wider
Than that blue ocean
His last glance played and paused
In her mind, time and again.
Slowly a faint smile surfaced
On her lips as she wept.
Perhaps, she thought
"Fortunately, my eyes at least
have each other for company.
While I hum in solitude
To the tune of melancholy."


Di said...

Wow! Subtle and articulate.

Rini said...

I quote myself :"Erasing is not half-joy" Be it the old or the new!

lena said...

so beautiful.. yet sad, there is some special beauty in melancholic pieces.

Anonymous said...

it is awesome

Anonymous said...

What?! I absolutely liked the original version only. This forced rhyme isn't enchanting.