Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Speak up.
Let it slowly surface.

Don’t bottle up.
And let the thoughts serve a lifetime sentence.

Don’t resist to give in
And let this moment slip away.

Perhaps, this hour might never return,
But its regret, forever, will remain.

Be candid
Before you move on.

Try empathy.
Slip into my shoes, if you may;

You might not find the fit right,
And feel like you are out of place.

But you do know how it is to walk around
Wearing a hole in your sole.

Unleash. Let your thoughts be loud.
My soul, I want to hear you out.


Muse said...

For a flight to take off, the starting point has to be the ground. FLAT GROUND!!! And Ground Zero is perfectly perfect :-)Em not sure if I have made sense here too!!!

smriti said...

wow!! lovely scribble :)

Priyanka Khot said...

Just what I had wanted to read! thanks for unknowingly inspiring me. :D

autumn leaves said...