Saturday, August 01, 2009


Beams of moonlight,
Made way through the lintel;
They knocked on my eyelids
In a checkered pattern.
Tried to wake me up at an hour
Even darkness would recline.
Still hazy in slumber
I thought the moon
Made a plea to set it free
From behind bars.
Now, wide awake,
I contemplate.
Well, was it the other way round?


Amber Light said...

This has happened to me too :)
I am amazed at the beauty of your lines.. so simple yet so deep. Now I will think of these lines every time I see the moon through a window! Wonderful read.

Rini said...

Is this a lesson heeded? Should you, well done, then!

smriti said...

nice one, eddy :)

Anonymous said...

I like the title of the scribble.

Btw.. 'even darkness would recline' was a good capture of the moment.

I don't wanna rip the poem.. its so hitting. I told you so. Looks like you have re-worked on it? If so, doesn't seem obvious.. I am glad for that.

Scribble away!