Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Spy

How often have you gaped
Gawked, stared or gazed?
Whatever you may call that;
Well, it’s all the same.

Watched someone gently smile,
Busy in conversation with themselves,
Heaving a sigh or looking skywards.
Yawning, laughing or lost in thoughts;

Sulking, grumbling, mourning, rambling,
Weeping inwardly with lips all parched,
Contemplating, preying on their nails;
Battling odds within, wearing a trite façade.

How often have you observed people
Without ever being noticed?
And while at it, have you ever thought,
You’re one of them who’s also being watched?


Amber Light said...

All the time!! That is what makes me terribly uncomfortable among people too :(

Vinz aka Vinu said...

Nice read..
And thoughtful too...

Keep writing..!!

Muse said...

Hmmmm...True! Reading People.

Anonymous said...

:) hey ....thats a nice thought for the day ! :P

No body watches me ..iwatch them :P

Di said...

Hmmm.... thoughtful. I like.