Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Love letters and songs are too containing,
With words borrowed from what has gone before.
And I find them all too confining
When I wish to share my love.

Come a lil closer,
Lend me your ear,
Let me whisper a secret.
Without uttering a word out loud.

Feel the warmth of my breath,
Brushing your neck as I draw near.
Let me kiss your dusty skin,
And bury my face in your tranquil tress.

Let me take silence
And weave you a lullaby.
Tuck you in the snug serenity
And slide you into slumber deep.

Let me calm those raging storms
With a prayer for peace.
And wake you up in a morrow
That's just the way we once dreamed.

These mortals may believe
We unite at a surreal streak;
Fools, they know not that
We even pause time when we decide to meet.

Ironical yet true is this secret.
Today, I had to settle for a measly scribble
To usher my love to you through a zephyr,
By playing the muse of this nomadic Scribbler.


Painting the Savanna... said...

sensuality and indulgence mingle to form this..... beautiful

d gypsy! said...


smriti said...

very touching n charming :)

Anonymous said...

is it inspired from the book you mentioned last night ;) ?? whatever .. this was really sweet !

deepika said...

:D :) Amazing

Dipa said...

Amorously Amorous ;)

Lavanya Snigdha said...

All those writers had an effect on you...

It is beautiful.. :)

Muse said...

Refreshing :)

The Fallen Angel said...

Stunning in its simplicity and completeness.. :)

Sashu... said...


autumn leaves said...

:)I liked it..

Anonymous said...

'Let me take silence
And weave you a lullaby.'

- my favorite line.