Thursday, June 11, 2009

Super Tramp

By wanderlust;
I tread, I leap,
I seldom rest.
I wisp, I rush,
I never swoon.
I swirl, I swoop,
Yet I rarely fall.
I’ve made it to places,
Least known to the sun.

Roads or routes make no sense.
An alien to destinations,
I’ve followed not
A single course.
I’ve skimmed the compass
Across the wide open.
Ignored man-made maps
And kicked the milestones' rumps;
That set limits.
And defy possibilities.

A captive or a resident,
By choice,
In the human frame.
Escape is certain
But what’s left behind
Are just perishable remains.
Try, if you may
To chain this renegade.
I embrace freedom, as you exhale.


smriti said...

amazing scribble, eddy....loved d last few lines :)

autumn leaves said...

:)I just loved the way its presented..

Matangi Mawley said...

i loved the last line!

"I embrace freedom, as you exhale!"

d gypsy! said...

definitely reminds me of the spirit shown in into the wild... u have portrayed it brilliantly in words....

for me, this is ur best

Priya said...

Very nicely written. It's composition is fluid and the meaning is overpowering. Refreshing!

Priyanka Khot said...

i liked the way it started. The first stanza, if I may call it that was fluid.

The third again had a flow.

But the second stanza, i feel lacks the easy flow.

Overall, its good... but i have read far better pieces from you.

kunu said...

Hey scribbler :) I liked your work very much.From this poem I can say you are a seasoned traveler.I liked when you say "But what’s left behind
Are just perishable remains." but I will little disagree to it.I wish memories were perishable.They stay with you for ever.Some memories hurt you day and night 24x7.They shall never perish.Keep scribbling :)

kunu said...

Hey scribbler :)I Liked your work very much :)From this poem I can say you are a seasoned traveler.I lied it when you say "But what’s left behind Are just perishable remains" but at the same time I also disagree to it.I wish, memories were perishable.They shall never perish.They stay with you.Some of them make you giggle and some make you feel hurt 24X7.Nice one.Keep scribbling :)

Muse said...

The last para is definitely my pick! Hits where it has to :)

Good job!

Lavanya Snigdha said...

Into the wild...?