Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ammu and the Land of Two Suns

Immersed in the 8 am sun,
She knelt before a futon by the window.
On a drawing book that was spread open,
She doodled on with her colorful wax crayons.

Bent over the book and biting her lower lip,
She generously splurged her imagination.
And crayoned the page from plain to vibrant
Adding strokes of yellow, red, blue and dashes of brown;

Her Dad, lolled on the couch, with the morning tabloid;
Glanced at her folding one of the sheet’s corners.
He smiled gently with a sense of pride,
As he saw his most adorable lass look really occupied.

Lifting the book above her head she walked up to Dad.
Balancing on her toes carefully, like a Ballerina,
She tried hard to look beyond the paper.
“Daddy, look what I drew” she sang to a cheerful tune.

Folding the paper aside he lifted her and put her by his side.
With tiny hands she held the big drawing book,
And placed it on her lap neatly
To show her dad what she drew.

Tanned shores with an aquamarine sea by its side.
A cerulean sky with a lustrous sun;
A few abstract images sat on either side.
And amid the calm sea lay another burning sun.

“What’s this Ammu?” asked Dad looking amused by her skill.
Ammu replied in spontaneity pointing at every object on the sheet.
“This is sun. This is sea. This is you and brother, watching lil ducks swim.
You’re sitting here like everyday, after taking a walk on the beach.”

Kissed her forehead and appreciated her with a tender hug.
He thought she had erred by drawing another sun in the sea,
“Everything is fine Ammu, but why another sun?”
Without thinking twice he asked her humorously.

“Oh! Remember the last time we went to see the sunrise? “
Saying this she pointed towards the window.
“One sun came up on the sky” now she gently swallowed
And said “and another came along, on the sea beneath.”

PS: Inspired by a true incident and doodle


smriti said...

hehe...cute puttu is still d best for me :)

Priyanka Khot said...

Lovely imagery. Only a lil kiddo can come up with something so sweet and innocent. And only you can present the incident so nicely to us.

ruSh.Me said...

AWW!!! So sweet!! I could never have guessed the reflection in the waves to be another one!!

Perfect mapping of a child's innocent and imaginative brain..!!

The Ugly One said...

haha. fantastic!

autumn leaves said...

so sweet:)

Lavanya Snigdha said...

Absolutely adorable and amazingly picturesque...

Dipa said...

wow!!! jst as if the doodle's cm alive...very picturesque..must say kids r more observant than any of us :)

Whats in a Name said...

first timer here...
Liked your post! :-)
Keep writing

kunu said...

It just amazed me, you have described the incident so well in poetry form.I must say it's a tough job but you have done it very well and most importantly you made it look so simple.keep on scribbling.

P.S The 15 Books Tag is wonderful concept of sharing each others favorite 15 books .I have tagged you for my 15 books on my blog.

Muse said...

Just this -[]