Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Victim Sesame

With a barrel of spices over its head,
In seclusion, it lies, away from the humankind.
None pays heed for this lonely seed,
Its wail is unheard. Or, treated
As the shepherd’s third cry for wolf.

The naked truth lies cloaked in deceit.
Justice stands blindfolded and forsaken
With eyes bleeding from within.
The demons’ haven of an ancient myth
Has truly turned beastly under a beast’s rule.

Once slaves, of an old Master,
Guests they became
And slowly turned to residents, over time.
Bonded with their kinfolk of archaic times;
And turned the desolate to be their destiny.

In times of yore, the Enlightened reigned;
Peace prevailed amongst the kith and kin.
Now the demons have returned
With an appetite for destruction
To prey upon the lone sesame.



Lavanya Snigdha said...

As I said... it finally quenched my thirst to read something that was both beautiful and meaningful...

Thank you.


chytra said...

it's a riddle...
but feels nice altogether...
can't say i understood much...

coffeeismypoison said...

scary scribbler..but true.After hints and deeeep thinking i got it...well done.

Anonymous said...

A nice style in terms of inkling, with an open perspective.

autumn leaves said...

very painful indeed..thnks 4 enlightening me with the links..

BlowHotBlowCold said...

Reminds me of the Apocalypse.

Smriti said...

now i can say that it's nicely penned :)

Muse said...

Good one :-)