Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have this strange feeling
Like the world’s on a summersault,
Round and round like a Giant wheel
With me at the iris of the London eye.

It began when my toes followed my other heel,
Going in circles but never on a straight lane.
Every step seemed a giant leap,
With the road going wobbly, long and winding.

Mary Jane and her ecstatic cousin,
Her soporific niece with that dreamy son
Of an ancestor from the den;
Couldn’t compete with this perpetual concussion.

Perhaps, it’s much better than falling in love.
Often succumbed, only to perfect the fall.
Though it hurts, yes it does,
This pain doesn’t really last for long.

Just in case you're wondering,
What I've been rambling aloud,
I'm trippin' on my shoe lace,
Once again, here I go.


Amber Light said...


I have discovered your favourite word. It is Iris :)
Looking forward to the next one

smriti said...

hmm...nice one....reminds me of the sayin, wounded knees r better than broken hearts :)

Muse said...

Trip, trip, trip and Trippin... This is some refined work! Thank you soooo much :)

Anonymous said...

i felt i have read this earlier...
some kinda Deja Vu

Anonymous said...

why there's some sort of rise in it when one is falling ( tripping )
here is how that happens, ;)

Sashu... said...

nice write charlie :)

Priyanka Khot said...

not in a million years would I have guessed the shoe laces...

nice read!a

Apparently intellectual said...

how many poems can someone write!
cool man..
and thanks for dropping by!:)

Mudit said...

1. Just came across your blog. Looks like a good read. Will check it out.

2. Mary Jane and family is capable of doing this.

3.Its definitely better than falling in love. Im pretty sure.

4.On similar lines, but on a higher trip. :)

Vyzz said...


it brought me a smile




The Write Girl said...

Beautiful poem and nicely woven...thank you for visiting my site and your kind comment my friend : )

Di said...

:) neat scrib.