Saturday, May 02, 2009

I met Mahatma

I met old Mahatma today,
At the turning of a narrow lane.
Opposite a small corner shop
In the middle of the road he had taken a break,
Smiling, calm and poised was his face.

He looked grubby and withdrawn,
And out of place as he was from a different age;
Where he influenced peoples' lives, revolutions, struggles,
Conspiracies, scandals, greed and events monumental;
Like no other he had played a role, in each, indelible.

Together, we walked a lil further, down sepia pathway,
Reminisced and refreshed a few things, I had once read.
After which, I left him with a leather tramp.
Cos’ being selfish with this selfless being was pointless
As he still had to travel for long.

I sent Mahatma away,
At the bend of another lane.
He never did mind in whose company he stayed
Cos’ he didn’t judge them by their colour or race;
In a tattered ten rupee note, I met this world’s Mahatma today.


Amber Light said...

Piece of brilliance!

chytra said...

smart and poignant and beautiful

Lavanya Snigdha said...

It is ironical as to how they put up the face of a person like Gandhi on the note.

He accepted everyone and money evades almost everyone... well nearly...

This was like something I would read in my English textbook...

Sashu... said...

brilliant charlie..whoaaa!! amazing creativity!! loved it :)

BlowHotBlowCold said...

nice poem

Priya said...

Very nicely written and meaningful...

autumn leaves said...

very clean write..

Priyanka Khot said...

Brilliant is the word!


Aman said...

Really touched my heart man.

Dipa said...

Sweet one....brilliantly penned...Loved it :)

Smriti said...

I wish i cd hv understood it at the very first read :(

But after I got enlightened about it...obviously frm u....just one thing stuck my mind....ur gifted to think "out of the box" :) n ur usin it pretty well :)

Ko said...

hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!
nice poem! a great read, a perfect ending :)

the dreamer!! said...

heya there scribbler,
wonderful scribble yet again!

Keep it rollin!