Thursday, May 14, 2009

Contrary Climax

She sat straddled atop lust’s stem
Galloping on the green of yearning
With him behind her, vulnerably lain.

Gravity succumbed to reality;
Fiction seemed peculiar
To this feeling of ecstasy.

Elated she rode the jolt,
Her head stroked the clouds,
With hands raised, caressing the sky.

Their hearts thumped harder
Like the bellowing thunders
In tumultuous tandem;

In subtlety yet at light’s alacrity,
Pulses raced with the union
And it seemed to last an eon.

The zephyr from those tresses
Triggered a hurricane
Followed by a heavy downpour.

Sultry saline droplets trickled
From each body, like in off seasonal monsoon,
As the clouds clashed at the seventh heaven.

Locked in embrace, they lay;
A silver lining glistened
Over the sheath of wetness on their skin.

With smudges of crimson,
Love bites sprinkled, here and there
The pants and gasps cued their thirst for more.

On the verge to orgasm,
Stealthily she turned around,
As the phantasm of lust took her over.

A last kiss and a snap,
He was left beheaded and blinded forever in desire.
They reached climax yet they both were poles apart.


Smriti said...

Dis is just Woww!!! loved d imagery here :) Again, one of ur best scribbles :)

Dolly Singh said...

tasteful,elegant n sensual..
to sum it up...A STUNNER!!

Sashu... said...

oh! very intense! sensually intense :)

Sashu... said...

now i get the gist..ur symbloism seems to be excellent! readin it in that light, de write gives gooseflesh!! :) good one charlie!! :) am impressed...highly so! :D :D :D

autumn leaves said...

Deceptive like the horizon where the earth and the sky seem to meet…The last line says it all..:)

varsha said...

No words to can explain this tender embrace...........a copulation of words & two hearts............

CoFfEe AnGeL said... this is totally passionate...but im confused...i dont get metaphors well :( ur either talking about a proper sexual encounter or a person eating a mango!

ruSh.Me said...

Are you sure that's a woman having an orgasm!!???

Priya said...

Very subtly yet explicit...

Well written!

Nachi said...

scribbler...neat words mate! seems like we are somewhat on the same page here...

hop along to the Soup Bowl to see what i mean...


Ruchika said...

This is really beautiful.
I didn't understand all of it (read: one or two paras) but it paints very vivid images.

FreaKo said...

Esoterically sensual!

Painting the Savanna... said...

this was sensual.....a difefrent u everytime i read

Di said...

clever phrasing! good one scrib.

Muse said...

Passionately Sinister!

Anonymous said...

gosh!! this is jst so sensual !! yet so subtle !! enjoyed this read !!

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

In short they had sex!! :) Good one! Good writing.

Scribbler said...

For those who got it and for those who didn't:

Here's the explanation of my take:

An experiment on Cryptic symbolism, it's drawing a parallel between humans and creatures; desire tho is the same the nature differs.

This was taking an inspiration from the Mantis (look up wiki to know more pls) :)

For beasts the contact is necessary. But for humans they can even derive pleasure out of thin air. The difference between beastly and divine love.
Another meaning to it is, two individuals reaching a climax in two different places without any contact
In short, the theme is about Sexual Cannibalism / Intellectual Orgasm.

Take ur pick;)

And like I said earlier, it's an experiment with this kind of Genre (def my first)

Feel free to add your interpretations.
Comments, Criticism and Suggestions most welcome.

keep it rollin;)

Dipa said...

Electrifying ;)