Saturday, March 07, 2009


The window creaked open
Giving way to a forest, gray;
Luminous shone the sun
While a being sought refuge of a grey shade.

It’s either the view
from your cottage faraway.
Or what you’d find
From your abode in a high-rise.

Woodland that’s old,
Yet young at heart.
Or a concrete jungle,
That’s arid and dark.

A blissful, sun-drenched dawn
Of early summer.
Or the desolate, end of days,
Under the spell of an undying ball of fire.

A grasshopper rests, camouflaged,
Under a mushroom amidst the emerald green.
Or a lone scavenger devouring the remains
Under a frayed umbrella’s silhouette.

Your vision’s now torn between
The green and the bleak.
What you desire,
Is what, in future, you’ll see.


Muse said...


Lavanya Snigdha said...

Feels like a song... Something Jimi Hendrix would say...

I must say... putting the colours aside... Almost Psychedelic...

smriti said...

good one eddy :)...n tho i didn't notice d writing it surely is an interesting discovery...appreciate this experiment of urs :)

Lavanya Snigdha said...

Its amazing!!! Had to read it thrice to get it... but then... its something different...

Almost like playing a trick with your imagination...

Muse said...

Oh, I just read this under a different title :P

Madhuri said...


Its nice !!!

Madhuri said...


Its nice !!!

Anonymous said...

liked the imagery... but did not get the whole scene !!

nan said...

What you desire,
Is what, in future, you’ll see.

So true maestro :)

Sashu... said... 3 writes in one...!!

Priyanka Khot said...

there is a very depressing undercurrent through the lines. That's something i have never noted in ur posts.

The duality has been captured very well giving the reader a twin experience.

But somewhere the main idea behind the scribble lost its way and failed to reach me.

Amber Light said...

Sounds like what a hypnotist would say. Good guy this hypnotist.. gives you two contrasting images, almost mixes both of them, and then gives you the choice of which you want to see. Only that this wont be like a diptych, more like flashes of grey and green choosing between which is solely dependent on your powers of imagination and the stillness that your mind can keep.
I couldn't get the significance of the different font styles?

autumn leaves said...

This write reminds me of a book "the power of your subconscious mind"..last lines are so very true..