Monday, March 09, 2009


A nibble of temptation,
A moment of hush, a feeling of void,
A rush of blood.

A tingle from the cranium,
Down rainbow bridge,
To the toe through the vertebrae.

Euphoria pierces deep within.
Silence shattered
Like brittle pottery;

Gravity grounded, reality imprisoned.
Senses six, levitate
Few inches off the ground.

Perception widens
Walls crumble without debris.
Inhibitions peeled, inner self revealed.

In sync with illusory symphony;
Technicolor dreams,
Collide with veracity.

Shimmers and ripples,
Turn into a visual treat.
Hallucinations triggered in near vicinity.

Glimpses from past,
Visions of future,
Flashes of insight, flights of fantasy.

Little boy and Fat man,
Have taken their toll.
Mushrooms eclipse psyche’s land.


Tan said...

Nice flow of thoughts ... Happy to have read it ...

Needed to read a couple of times before commenting .. hmmmm ...

Amitabh said...

If this is a scribble, what would poetry be?
I will be visiting you more often ...

ruSh.Me said...

Umm...The exact same mushroom clouds came to my mind when I read the mail.. Amazing photography!!! By words, I mean!!

"Little boy and Fat man,"
exact words but very poetic symbolism..

p.s. Now I have to think about some other "mushroom"

Abhinav said...

ohh! really nice!
these mushrooms should have been dumped till now but they can still become active!

Amber Light said...

Chain of words
ties me down
makes me think
smile and frown

Di said...

chimes at the periphery! nice work.

autumn leaves said...

very beautifully crafted..

Winnie the poohi said...

A different write from you :) Interesting word play :)